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Have you spotted a patch of mold in your business space and wondered if it’s just the tip of the iceberg? Keeping a healthy workspace is a top priority when you run your business. That’s why facing mold issues can be frustrating, making your office feel less safe and possibly affecting everyone’s health.

At Payneless Industries, we understand how vital a clean, mold-free space is for you and your team. As certified environmental consultants, we’re ready to provide thorough commercial mold inspections, ensuring your workplace is safe for everyone. Give us a call today!

What Payneless Industries Offers

Choosing Payneless Industries means you’re getting the gold standard in commercial property mold inspection. Here’s what sets us apart:


We’re all about giving you an honest, straight-up office mold assessment. Since we don’t clean the mold ourselves, you can trust our advice is unbiased.


Our team has over ten years in the industry, which makes our expertise in mold inspections unmatched. We bring a wealth of experience to every job.


While we don’t remediate, we provide actionable insights to help you effectively understand and address mold issues.


Your and your property occupants’ well-being is our top priority. We handle every inspection with the utmost care and consideration.

Certified & Insured

We are fully insured and count on many certifications showcasing our commitment to high commercial property mold inspection standards. These include:

  • AHERA 
  • Respicare Associate

Why Invest in a Mold Assessment for Your Office Or Commercial Space?

When you get a mold inspection, you do more than just check off a task on your to-do list. It’s about uncovering any hidden mold lurking out of sight, affecting the air, and making your workspace less safe. This kind of sneakiness from mold can lead to trouble, not just for the structure of your building but for everyone’s health, too.

And here’s the thing – finding mold early can keep costs down. Dealing with a small mold problem now is way better than facing a big one later. Plus, having a mold-free environment is good for everyone. It tells your employees and clients you care about their health.

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Secure a Healthy Workspace Today

Avoid letting mold compromise your business and team’s health. Securing a mold-free environment with Payneless Industries means peace of mind for you and a healthier, more productive workspace for your team. Ready to breathe easy?

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