Mold Testing in Bend, OR

Mold testing

Keeping your Bend property safe and healthy is critical. But sometimes, issues like mold or poor air quality can pop up, making you feel stressed and unsure about how to keep your space clean and safe. No one should have to worry about whether their environment is harmful. That’s where we step in.

At Payneless Industries, we’re here to help you tackle these challenges head-on. With over ten years of experience in mold testing in Bend, OR, our team ensures your place is safe and healthy. We’re here to guide you through every step, offering peace of mind and expert service. Ready to make your environment safer?

Comprehensive Mold Testing & Environmental Testing Solutions In Bend, OR

Looking out for your property’s health starts with understanding what’s happening inside. That’s why at Payneless Industries, we offer various environmental assessment services in Bend, OR, to keep you informed and your spaces safe:

Environmental Testing

We offer thorough air quality testing, including checks for Co2 levels, EMF, and VOCs. Knowing the air you breathe is clean can make a world of difference in your daily life.

Mold Inspections

Regular mold inspections can prevent unseen problems from escalating, protecting your investment and health.

Mold Investigation & Mold Testing Services

Ideal for real estate transactions and more, our mold testing in Bend, OR, identifies any potential mold issues, ensuring your property is safe and sound.

Asbestos Testing & Surveys

Before kicking off any remodeling or restoration projects, our asbestos testing and surveys ensure your space is free from this harmful material, keeping your projects on track and everyone involved safe.

Aerial Mapping/Photography

Gain a new perspective on your property or project with our aerial mapping and photography services, offering unique insights and oversight.

Post-Remediation Verification

Following any remediation work, ensuring the environment is truly safe is essential. Our post-remediation verification services guarantee that all issues have been appropriately addressed.

Why Trust Payneless Industries

Choosing us means choosing a partner who’s got your back:


Our neutrality and unbiased approach comes from not providing remediation services, ensuring you get honest, impartial results from our Bend environmental assessments.


With more than ten years of experience working in mold testing in Bend, OR, our team guarantees thorough inspections with accurate results.


We offer actionable insights to help you understand and tackle environmental issues.


For us, it’s all about people. We deeply care about ensuring every space we assess is safe for those who live or work there.

Certified & Insured

We’re proud to say we’re fully insured and come with a full deck of certifications, such as:

  • Respicare Associate
Residential Mold Inspections
Post-Remediation Verification

Make the Right Move for Your Environment with Us

Don’t let environmental issues such as mold take over your space. With Payneless Industries, you can ease your worries with our asbestos and mold testing services in Bend, OR. Our team is here to provide you with the peace of mind of knowing your property is safe and healthy for everyone. Let’s get started!

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