Mold Testing in Metolius, OR

Mold testing

When you’re knee-deep in a project or managing a property in Metolius, OR, the last thing you need is the surprise of finding mold. It’s more than just a nuisance; it can throw off your whole schedule and raise health concerns.

Nobody should deal with the stress of wondering if their environment is mold-free. At Payneless Industries, we understand your concerns. That’s why we’re here to offer comprehensive mold testing in Metolius, OR, ensuring your spaces stay healthy for everyone. Stop second-guessing and book your test today!

Ensuring a Healthy Environment:
Our Services

Taking care of your space means knowing what you’re dealing with, especially regarding air quality and potential hazards. Our range of environmental testing services are here to help you with that:

Comprehensive Environmental Assessments

Our environmental testing includes air quality checks for CO2, EMF, and VOCs. These tests are crucial for guaranteeing your space has air quality that promotes good health.

Post Remediation Verification

After any remediation work, it is vital to verify whether the area is thoroughly cleaned and safe. We ensure your environment meets health standards and provides peace of mind that you return to a safe space.

Asbestos Testing & Survey

Essential in remodeling and restoration, our testing for asbestos ensures your project doesn’t put anyone at risk. It helps you save time, health, and costly project delays.

Mold Investigation & Testing Services

Whether you’re involved in real estate transactions, managing rental properties, or overseeing new construction projects, our mold assessments in Metolius, OR, ensure your property is ready.

Mold Inspections

Our thorough mold screenings in Metolius, OR, identify potential issues before they escalate, offering solutions to keep your property healthy and appealing.

Aerial Mapping/Photography

Using cutting-edge technology, we offer detailed aerial mapping and photography to help analyze your property comprehensively, providing unique insights and solutions.

Discover the Payneless Difference

Choosing the right partner for mold testing in Metolius, OR, is crucial in maintaining a healthy environment. Here’s why you should trust Payneless Industries with the task:


We specialize in reliable mold screenings in Metolius, OR. Our assessments are unbiased and focused solely on identifying issues, as we don’t offer remediation services.


Our team has more than ten years of experience in environmental testing, ensuring accurate and dependable results in every mold assessment in Metolius, OR.


Our top priorities are your health and safety, along with the health of every property’s occupants. We’re here because we care deeply about your well-being.

Certified & Insured

Feel confident knowing that Payneless Industries is not only insured but also holds several prestigious certifications, affirming our commitment to excellence:

  • Respicare Associate.
Mold testing
Post-Remediation Verification

Time to Breathe Easy – Book Your Test Today!

Don’t let mold take over and disrupt your peace of mind. With our professional mold testing services in Metolius, OR, you can keep your properties safe and healthy. Let Payneless Industries help you stay ahead of any environmental problem!

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