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Central Oregon’s beautiful landscapes come with their own set of environmental challenges. From air quality concerns to soil contamination, commercial and residential properties deserve reliable solutions.

Payneless Industries offers expert environmental testing services tailored to meet these needs, ensuring your place remains safe and compliant. Give us a call and see how we can help!

Discover Our Testing Services

When you’re concerned about your environment, here’s how we can help:

Environmental Testing

Checking the air quality of your place is vital to a healthy environment. Our tests examine carbon dioxide levels, electromagnetic fields, and harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Mold Inspections

Staying ahead of mold problems means regular checks. Our mold inspections help catch issues early, preventing health problems and damage to your property.

Mold and Moisture Investigations

Ideal for real estate transactions and more, our mold testing services identify issues before they become significant problems, protecting your investment and health.

Asbestos Surveys

Are you remodeling or restoring your property? Our asbestos testing identifies potential risks, ensuring your project proceeds safely and complies with regulations.

Aerial Mapping/Photography

Sometimes, seeing the big picture requires a bird’s eye view. Our aerial mapping and photography offer a unique perspective, whether you’re planning a project or looking for issues.

Post-Remediation Verification

After any cleanup, it’s essential to know everything’s appropriately cleaned up. Our verification service checks that all pollutants are gone, giving you the green light to use the space without worries.

Why Choose Payneless Industries?

Choosing who to trust with your environmental testing needs is big. Here’s why Payneless Industries stands out:

Professional & Neutral

Because we stick to testing and don’t provide remediation services, you can trust that our reports are 100% neutral. We’re here to give you the facts to make informed decisions without pressure.

Experienced Team

Our team has been in the game for over ten years. That means we’ve got the experience to spot even the smallest issues, ensuring you get top-notch service every time.

Actionable Insights

We might not do the cleanup, but we sure know what must be done after the test results. We give you precise, easy steps to follow, helping you tackle any issues head-on.

Committed to Your Well-being

Your safety and comfort are what drive us. We treat every test as if we were doing it for our own homes, aiming to make every space as safe as can be for those who use it.

Certifications Galore

Peace of mind comes standard with our services. We’re fully insured, taking the worry off your shoulders. Plus, we’re proud to be certified in:

  • Respicare Associate
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Environmental Testing Services

Choose Safety, Choose Payneless

Don’t risk the safety and well-being of your space. Working with Payneless Industries means you’re on the path to a safer, healthier environment. We’re here to offer expert testing services in Central Oregon, giving you the peace of mind of knowing your space is as secure. Reach out to us for a consultation today!

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